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Autumn Wardrobe

This time of year is hard to know what to wear. We have a warm day and then the heating needs to be on the next.

Autumn is the season for layers. Its the perfect time to still wear some of your summer dresses but with another layer underneath or a cardigan over the top. Swap the flip flops for a little pair of ankle boots and you can carry on wearing a lot of your summer clothes still into the Autumn months.

But there are things that you can remove from your wardrobe now to help you through the Autumn.

1- Holiday Bikinis and Swimsuits

Unless you are going away again in the next few months, you can remove the holiday clothes from your wardrobe such as the summer shorts and poolside kaftans. Keep out your sports swimsuits but the summer poolside ones can be packed away.

2- Summer Sandals and Flip Flops

The cooler days mean the flip flips and holiday sandals can be packed away. Just remember to leave out any sparkly sandals that might be needed for the fast approaching Christmas parties.

3- Anything That Doesn't Fit

We all have dresses that we are going to fit back into but do you have a wardrobe full off them? Every day outfit picking becomes hard when half your wardrobe doesn't fit.

Take out anything that doesn't fit now. Re-visit the items each 6 months to see if they can be moved back into your wardrobe then.

If you take on all 3 of the above tips, it will make your day to day wardrobe clearer and easier to find outfits in, when you are deciding on what to wear this weekend.

You don't need to throw away anything, purchase some vacuum bags and store things under the bed, spare room or in the loft until thing spring flowers are popping up again and the days are getting warmer.

For any further assistance contact Jo Marshall on 07834 164818 or book in for a wardrobe detox session

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