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So you've read all about my colour and style sessions but my 'Its All About You' Experience is more. 

You want more confidence but how do you get that by just changing your clothes?

You don’t have to stay hidden away

Have you spent many years in a corporate role but now you are working for yourself, you don’t know who you are? You’ve just lost your SPIRIT.


You’ve realised that now you’ve hit 40 you want to dress for yourself but how do you do that when you have spent years in suits.

Do you feel uncomfortable in front of new clients, what will they think of me, what I give the right impression for them to buy from me.

Does your wardrobe make you smile? Mine used to make me cry.

I can show you how you can shine inside and out

This experience is tailored to you, what you need and how you want to feel


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Image consultant personal stylist berkshire hampshire



about you

This experience is all about you. Its about what makes you look and FEEL amazing every day, whether you have on your best dress or your weekend casuals. Its time to think about you. 


I can help you make that transformation and make you smile again. 

Whether you want to rediscover you or find the real you for the first time, this is your experience.

So what's involved


& Style

Discover you perfect colours that make you glow and make you feel amazing.

Find the shapes that work with your body shape, not against it.


Learn how to show you off, at your best.

Style personality

Discover your style personality so feel me like YOU.


Develop your look to reflects your new lifestyle.

Learn how can you put all that together with ease, minimising stress.



Learn how to create a wardrobe that makes you smile.

We identify the gaps in your wardrobe.

Outfits planning and wardrobe organisation.

Its not about buying new clothes, its about building a framework with what you already have & finding out what's missing.

Its all about you

Its not just about the clothes its about YOU.

We will talk about your worries, your confidence, your self esteem.

We discuss insecurities

You might want to walk into a room and light it up! But might also feel that's not you, maybe you want to walk into a room and feel like you shine inside but you're subtle & soft on the outside.

The Details 

  • An initial online 1-1 questionnaire and zoom call to discuss your needs

  • A full colour session and swatch book containing all your seasons colours (over 30 colours) - this a great tool for shoppingYour ‘WOW’ colours picked out in your swatch book(in person or online) - Day 1

  • A Full style session with a personalised workbook to discover your body shape and style personality (in person or online) - Day 1

  • A full wardrobe session where we create approx. 30 outfits (sometimes more) covering all occasions. We rediscover what's in your wardrobe and what's missing. (in person or online) including a style board session   - Month 2 

  • A Personal Shopping Session - Either in stores or a personal pre -selected items that work for you - Month 3 

  • A detailed personalised colour and style board on Pinterest containing colour and style inspiration - Sent by email 

  • Follow up notes to remind you of your perfect colour and style combinations - sent by email

  • 'How to Organize Your Wardrobe' PDF printable

  • Outfit planning PDF printable 

      Bonus Services 

  • A personalised illustration of your best style, shapes and colours

  • A follow up seasonal review with new looks for your rediscovered style. The review will personally select new items for you to considered in your wardrobe, taking into count your seasons colours, your style and body shape. Think of this as personal shopping bought to your screen.  

  • Access to me over the 3 month period , any question you have or items you’ve bought

      These sessions can be split over days, 3 weeks or 3 months, you set the schedule that works for you 


Your Investment : £600

(value of services plus £800)

This can be paid in 2 installments 

Just by changing your colours can give an outfit a different look. 

Discovering the colours that look amazing on you is the first step. 

Discovering your style and then finding the shapes that work with your body shape finally feel like puzzle pieces all fitting together

Jo at Sparkling ginger made me feel comfortable from the start for my colour, shape and style session; she explained my contradictions of attraction to bold colours, when I prefer not to stand out and the shape and style element helped me to see that a simple tweak to how to wear something can make it suit you better - would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone, even the most image savvy could pick up some good tips. The information and pinterest boards written up and supplied after are also a great go to to refresh your mind or sanitise any ongoing purchases. Have already added some of the colours to my wardrobe and cant wait to book in my wardrobe review for an even more thorough clean out & wardrobe plan!

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