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Sell Your Wardrobe - Top Tips for selling your unwanted clothes

Every year, as the seasons shift from the bloom of spring to the cozy embrace of autumn, I find myself in full-on declutter mode. There's something about these transitions that ignites the urge to clear out and make space. The process usually begins with sorting through my wardrobe, creating piles of the once-loved items that have now lost their place. But then comes the question:

Where shall I take it and what should I do with it all?

It's decision time: will they find a new home at a charity shop or be given a second chance in the world of pre-loved fashion and earn me some money in the process? It's no secret that the demand for secondhand clothing has reached new heights. Some are drawn to vintage charm, while others are on a mission to combat disposable fashion. And of course, there are those who just can't resist a good bargain. Perhaps you've recently undergone a Colour Analysis or Style session, leading you to the realization that certain pieces in your wardrobe no longer align with your body shape, style or colours. If you've made some space in your wardrobe and are looking to turn those once-treasured items into a little extra cash, you're in the right place. Join me as I share my top tips on how and where to transform your unwanted clothes into a source of income:

1 -Take good pictures. A well-lit photo will help the buyer to see the item clearly, the colour and shape. It will help to sell the item. Daylight is the best light to take the photos in. The item can just been on a hanger but place it on a plain background such as hanging it on a white door. If you have a mannequin even better, this helps to really show off the garment. Take lots of photos from different angles.

2 -Make sure you list everything clearly, with a good description such as size, colours, condition, has it got tags still on, the brand, even the length – This will help sell the item but also stop you getting such questions about the item. Give as much info as you can about the item. I always think that the better the description, the more likely you are going to sell it. If it has flaws, show them and describe them. People might not mind that it has a button missing, as long as you tell them in advance.

3- Make sure you add the correct postage. You don’t want to lose money on something you charge £2.5 postage for and actually it costs you £4.5 to post. I now always use a tracking method. This could be with the Post Office or a courier such as Evri. Do what works best for you otherwise the postage side can be a hassle. I now find tracking is essential as to need to prove you posted it if it arrives as the platform will almost always go in favour of the buyer. So if they say it didn’t arrive, they will get their moment back so protect yourself and always track the postage.

Where to Sell

1) Vinted is great for fashion clothes, any brands go really from supermarket to well know names. Women’s and Kids are the best selling clothes on here. Don’t expect to get a massive price for anything. The great thing is, there are no fees for the seller. They go to the buyer. You have to download to be able to buy and sell on Vinted

2) Ebay is great for clothes that you want slightly more money for. I find clothes such as Boden, Joules, Brand names go really well on Ebay and if they are size 14 + they go even better. I find it great for a 40+ audience. Ebay also has the option to sell as an auction but you can also set a Buy it Now price. This gives you the guaranteed price. If you are open to offers, it also has the option to say so.

3) A Dress Agency - These are fantastic if you have higher end brands to sell. Some will only take designer so look around. Most take 50% and you receive 50%. There could be other charges such as listing costs but generally its around 50/50.

If you are local to Newbury visit my friend Victoria at Frankie and Ruby Dress Agency. She takes clothes seasonal so for Autumn /Winter, will be looking for that relevant season. With Victoria you have the choice to receive the money or use the value to spend in her agency. Check out her website and give her a call if you have items to sell and she will guide you to what she takes. I love to use this option when I have good brands to sell.

4) Clothes swaps - A great way to take along clothes and come away with something new. Check out facebook for sales near you or why not arrange your own. You could charge and make it a charity event. You take along clothes, sometimes in advance and on the day have the chance to swap your items for others. You could hire a hall for a large event or just a large room at home if you want to keep it just to your friends or a small group.

Organising clothes in size order makes it easier for people to find something they want to swap with.

Other options to try: Depop (bit like vented) Car Boot Sales or drop off your items and ofcourse the local charity shop if you are not worried about making money from them.

As a personal stylist I find a lot of my clients find it hard to get to this point. I offer ‘Shop Your Wardrobe sessions that help with this process. We clear and organise your wardrobe into clothes that you want to wear, we create more outfits from what is left, we remove the things that don’t work and the you may have a pile ready to sell.

Or if you feel like having a go yourself but need a little bit of help then my Ebook is perfect for this process also.

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