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'Your Curvy Body Shape' Workbook

Do you know what suits your curvy body shape?

Do you buy clothing but its never quite right, fitting on

your legs but not on your waist?

Do you find it hard to find the right dress shapes ? 

Do you always wonder why skinny jeans don't suit you? 

Do you need some help with your bodyshape but you don't really want someone else with you and feel you want to do it yourself

at your own speed?

Then this workbook is perfect for you. 

Imagine having everything in your wardrobe that's fits,  makes you look amazing and everything is ready to wear! 

If you feel you need that extra touch (me) then click here but carry on reading to find out what this workbook delivers. 

Available soon

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What The Workbook Covers

This is a PDF workshop that you work through at your own pace. Print it off and spend a day or afternoon on yourself and your wardrobe. By the end of it, you will have discovered your body shape and learnt why something suit you better than others. You learn what to avoid but most importantly, you learn and understand what suits your body shape. 

  • How to work out your body shape

  • The key characteristics of your body shape

  • Best styles to go for to flatter your gorgeous curvy body shape

  • What styles to avoid

  • Shape inspiration guides with examples of perfect outfits for you

  • Sparkling Ginger Tips - Problem areas & how to overcome them

  • Links to my Pinterest boards to inspire you to create your own mood board either online or from magazines.

  • You will be sent a link to join my ‘Curvy Women’ Facebook group

  • Some self love tips

Your Course Cost: £45

**available soon - pre register  below**

Once launched your PDF will be emailed to you within 24hrs of purchase.

**Please make sure you add to your email safe list otherwise your PDF could go into your spam emails**


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