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Sparkling Ginger Ponchos 


Designed and created in my Hampshire studio, my ponchos are made with vintage or preloved sari fabric.

I choose fabrics to suit seasonal colours so you will always find a colour for you no matter what season you are.

They are perfect for warm summer evenings over a summer dress, a beach cover-up but equally look amazing and instantly dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans. I wear mine over a simple dress. Try them over a pair of smart trousers and heels.

The great thing is that there will ever only be a maximum of 4 ponchos in that fabric, depending on the pattern sometimes only 2 will look similar,  so you are purchasing an individual product.

All ponchos are one size but this can vary as I work with the sari width so all become unique and handmade.

Even the off cut don't get left and are used to create the head scarfs, that are also in my shop.


All the ponchos are handmade in my Basingstoke, Hampshire studio 

Sparkling Ginger Poncho kimono cover up
Sparkling Ginger Poncho kimono cover up

Not Just A Poncho 

The ponchos aren’t just ponchos of course.

Roll them and wear them as a head scarf, a belt or wear as a scarf.

Turn them and tie them in different ways to create new looks.


Some examples of how to wear them are below

The label is worn on the outside and decorated with a tiny gold star,

so wear it with pride. Each poncho is also decorated with a tiny golden star on each shoulder.


Where possible like to keep some of the features such as the original raw or hand rolled edges. If there's a mark, I work with it (I like a challenge). Of course I could just buy new fabric but I love to give vintage fabric a new use and purpose.


Head over to the shop to purchase the ponchos and headscarves. Whilst there check out the beautiful Indian block printed cotton scarves as well, they are so colourful.  

Multiple Ways To Wear

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Long Head Scarf

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Thin Neck Scarf

Sparkling GInger Ponchos marketing (3).p

Loose Scarf



We also supply the beautiful poncho wholesale to shops and other stylists (min order req).

If you are interested in stocking Sparkling Ginger Ponchos, please contact Jo to discuss further 

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