What else do we offer at Sparkling Ginger?

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Personal Shopping   In -Person / On-line 

Due to all the shop changing rooms being closed currently personal shopping in the high street is getting harder. 

So I create an online shopping list for you, with personally selected items for you to try in your own home.  These will be selected in your size and budget.

We then go through the items together, once they have arrived, to find the perfect items to keep. 

Once restriction are lifted, this can be done in person or again online.  

Out Shopping

Make-up and Skincare

Once you have had your colours analyzed you learn the importance of your lipstick colour. 

Any colour you put on your face also has to work with your colourings. 

I have spent along time trialling different brands to find ones that are good for your skin, vegan and work with your colours. 

I choose to work with Tropic. 

Their skin care range is fantastic and their makeup range fits perfectly with the seasons. 

Their lipsticks are so creamy, you will love wearing them. 

To browse their collection click below to my shop or contact me here for more information on your perfect colours.


Published Articles

Freelance Stylist for Professional Photoshoots & Branding 


There is no better way than to invest in yourself by being photographed by a professional who will capture you as you've never been seen before just like these 3 amazing women. I worked with them prior to the shoot on their colours, style and suggestions for what to wear on the photoshoot.

Images courtesy of

Gorgeous You Photography by Ginny Marsh