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Shop your wardrobe wardrobe detox and organistiong hampshire berkshire surrey

Do you open the wardrobe & utter those immortal words

“I have nothing to wear!”

We all have those items hanging in the wardrobe that still have the tags on because you hold them up and for some reason don't wear them. Sometimes it’s the colour, fit or style.

Do you have clothing that doesn’t go with anything else?

Do you feel you have no outfits?

What about all those tops that don't seem to go with anything else in the wardrobe or the 18 pairs or black trousers you have.


My 'Shop Your Wardrobe' session can help you with all of these. Think of your wardrobe as the shopping and we are going to browse, try on and create outfits.  

In this session with me, you will ;

  • Create YOUR own bespoke capsule wardrobe

  • Shop from your own wardrobe

  • Create new co-ordinated outfits from your existing clothes

  • Realise that you don’t need a full new wardrobe, you can build on what you already own.

  • Detox the items that don’t work for you or no longer wear due to change of career, lifestyle and body shape.

  • Understand how to put colours together in outfits

  • Create more colourful outfits rather than always reaching for the same pair of black trousers

  • Put together a shopping list of what’s missing – sometimes you just need one or two new pieces to ties it all together 

  • Get rid of that morning issue of what to wear

  • Re-discover all the buried treasures lurking in the back of your wardrobe!


Wardrobe organisation sort out - personal stylist Hampshire Berkshire Basingstoke
Sparkling Ginger shop your wardrobe pers
Help with your wardrobe detox hampshire berkshire surrey

What You Get

  • A style questionnaire, prior to the session, to find out you style likes, dislikes, lifestyle and budget

  • We create approx. 30 outfits (sometimes more) covering all occasions

  • Style boards for you to remember all the new outfits we have created

  • 3 hours session (at your home or online video call)

  • Follow up Pinterest board with suggestions for any items you need to ties your outfits together

  • Outfit planner PDF download

  • Wardrobe detox planner PDF download 


Cost: £175

Jo from Sparkling Ginger came to my home recently to give me a wardrobe review. It was such a cathartic experience. I was so grateful to have someone, an expert who knows my style and personality, to guide me through what items to keep, which ones to donate to charity (6 bags worth) or sell and which ones I could re-purpose. Thank you Jo, you are fabulous at what you do. I recommend you in a heartbeat.

 shop your wardrobe personal stylist  hampshire basingstoke
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