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 You've read what I can do for you but what do my gorgeous clients say about Jo at Sparkling Ginger ?




"There used to be a time when I could shop for hours and I had a pretty impressive wardrobe. Over the years, as life has got busier, clothes shopping has been pushed way down my list of priorities.

The result was a mix of old relics and a few items picked up with the weekly food shopping. On a positive note, thanks to a colour analysis by Jo the newer items were at least the right colour!

However, I’ve got to the stage where my wardrobe no longer suits me. Since becoming self-employed, I no longer need (or want) the corporate suits. Being a little older and more confident, I feel I can go for a more individual look. However, I needed help discovering that look and this is where Jo came in.

After learning what I liked and disliked in my wardrobe and armed with information gleaned from a thorough consultation, Jo and I hit the shops.

I was happy to stand aside, while Jo took charge and watched in awe as she quickly sifted through the rails pulling out clothes for me to try on. It’s probably fair to say that I would not have picked most of the items so I was curious to see how they would look. In the changing room, Jo passed me a steady supply of outfits to try on and was on hand to give an honest but gentle verdict.

I found Jo to be a great ally – she was conscious of budget, very aware of making sure the purchases worked together as a collection rather than as individual items and had great styling suggestions.

I had the pleasure of wearing one of my new outfits this week and felt good because I was 100% confident that what I was wearing suited me. I was also amazed by the number of unsolicited compliments I received.

I’m now looking forward to the autumn clothes coming into the shops so that Jo and I can go on another shopping trip."

Julie Jackson - Colour Session, Followed up by a Personal Shopping Trip









"I completed a colour and style session with Jo, what a fabulous day! Jo spent a lot of time explaining and showing the colours that worked with my skin tone and explaining the ones that did not and then proceeded to work through my body shape and suggested the perfect clothes that would work well with my figure.  A very enjoyable day, Jo was relaxed in her style of explaining to me why things would work / would not work and I would recommend anyone to spend a day with Jo, the difference she has made to my dress sense / wardrobe has been fantastic!" 

Emma - Colour and Style session 




"I have just been to have my colours and shape done with Jo. I am now aware that I should not be wearing black and grey that I have been wearing for so many years , where was Jo 30 years ago, I might have been introduced to lovely warm colours that definitely suit me, as so many people have told me since I had my consultation. The atmosphere and environment were warm and friendly with no pressure put on me just wonderful advice. I am gradually changing my colours of clothes to nice warm colours and getting rid of the styles that don’t suit me (that just sit in the wardrobe).  I would highly recommend her, she is so full of good advice."

Chris - Colour Session

"Thank you Jo for an amazing colour session! It was really interesting to see how different colours really affected my look and as a result I’ve started to buy smarter with my clothing. Luckily one of my favourite tops happened to be my colours and it wasn’t until Jo pointed this out that I realise why I always got more comments about how good I looked in it. Looking forward to working with you on my style next!”

Jess - Colour Session 





This was a great experience, far more relaxing than I thought it would be. Jo was very insightful about outfits that would work and those that needed a little tweaking such as removing a belt and adding a different coloured top. I was a little nervous opening my wardrobe for a review but actually it was fine. Jo has given me the confidence to shop for key pieces to lift my existing work outfits and identified gaps, which once filled, will broaden my work wear wardrobe.


For further information on any of the services please contact Jo Marshall     Tel: 07834164818

Sparkling Ginger studio basingstoke hamp
Sparkling Ginger studio basingstoke hamp
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