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What we wear is more than just a way of keeping warm, it’s a reflection of who we are but so often we use our clothes to cover over the areas we don’t like.


We use clothes to hide away. To hide to bits we don’t like.

But what about the good bits….


Learn how to show these off to their best.

My style session will help you discover the body shape you have, how to love it, how to love what you wear and to love yourself whilst wearing it.


Those skinny jeans may look incredible on your friend, or in the magazine but a bootcut may suit your body shape so much more.


We look at the clothes that suit your own body shape and how to disguise those areas we don't like as much, without covering the best bits.

My shape and style sessions are about drawing your own personality into your clothes. The session is not about fashion

and who you should look like, it is about learning your own body shape, the rules that suit YOU and YOUR personality.

Let’s bring some fun back to your wardrobe.


Have a wardrobe that makes you smile again

In this session you will learn:

  • Your own unique set of rules for your body shape & proportions

  • What works for your body shape and why

  • What doesn't work and why 

  • What are the best necklines to go for

  • ​Why those skinny jeans suit your friend but not you

  • How to pull all of this together to create co-ordinated outfits 

  • How to disguise to areas you don't love

  • What is a style personality & What is YOUR style

  • How to shop & what to buy now you know your style

  • What is already in your wardrobe and does it work for you 

  • We discuss accessories, jewellery, footwear, bags, prints.


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What You Get

  • A personalised workbook to discover your body shape and style personality

  • In person:1-1 session in my studio (2.5hrs) OR 

  • Online  1-1 via zoom (initial personality questionnaire and workbook sent you you followed by a 1.5hrs Zoom call)

  • A detailed personalised style board on Pinterest containing style and shape inspiration

  • Follow up notes to remind you or your perfect shape and styles

  • 'How to Organize Your Wardrobe' PDF 

  • A personalised illustration of your best style & shapes

In Person or Online: £150

I totally recommend the full colour analysis combined with the body shape & style session - it's done wonders for my confidence in how I dress and people always comment on how coordinated I am with what I'm wearing - Ginny 

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