Body Shape and Style

How do I dress for my body shape?
How do I know what body shape I am? 
I have nothing to wear!

What we wear is more than just a way of keeping warm, it’s a reflection of who we are but so often we use our clothes to cover over the areas we don’t like. We use clothes to hide away. Like it or not, we are judged on how we look.  It happens every day, it’s subconscious kicking in.

A visit to a stylist like myself will help you to get that first impression right – by wearing the right colours, shapes and styles for you, you will look the best you possibly can. Not only this but a style session will help you discover the body shape you have, how to love it, how to love what you wear and to love yourself whilst wearing it.

The Shape and Style sessions are also about drawing your own personality into your clothes. The session is not about fashion and who you should look like, it is about learning your own body shape, the rules that suit you and your personality.

Those skinny jeans may look incredible on your friend, or in the magazine but a bootcut may suit your body shape so much more. We look at the rules that suits your own body shape and how to disguise those areas we don't like as much.

Plus Size Styling is a passion for me. So no matter what size and body shape you are, we can tailor out packages to suit you. If high street suppliers are not available in your area then I can work with your in advance and bring along a rail of clothes to avoid those trips to the shops, where nothing is available.  

Personal Confidence and Image -£125 pp

In this 2 hour, 1 to 1 session, we give you your own unique set of rules for dressing that make the most of your proportions.  


Whatever body shape you are, we can teach you which styles will flatter, including all the details & finishing touches, such as necklines, jewellery, shoes, & fabrics, we’ll cover everything so you’ll know exactly what to wear that will suit you.


We’ll also explore your unique brand – how you want to come across in your clothes – so that you can start to build on a definitive style that really expresses who you are.  


Personal Image Day - £300 pp

Find out your own unique set of rules in this fun & interactive day. After a chat & a coffee, we’ll go through your colour analysis and make up, followed by your style rules, and suggestions for what to wear to project the image you want.


Then we’ll grab a sandwich & either hit the shops for 1hr where you can put all your new found knowledge into action or work through your wardrobe and work out what crucial items are missing.


With me there to guide you, you’ll see how the rules work in the shops or your own existing wardrobe.  

Group Mini Body Shape Session - £40 pp

This session is designed as an introduction to Body Shape and Style. Its a perfect excuse to get a group of friends together or a session with work colleagues, in your home or workplace. 

We will work through each persons body shape. We will talk through the rules and you will take away invaluable tips for your shape. 

Maximum 6 people per session. 


Contact Jo Marshall for further information.  

Tel: 07834 164818



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