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Holiday and Honeymoon Packing

Are you all wedding dressed out! Next up I thought something different - Honeymoon packing tips.

As its Wedding Themed this may here at Sparkling Ginger the emphasis is on Honeymoon packing but this can apply to any holiday or trip away, whether its a 2 week beach holiday or a weekend city break.

How often do you leave it till that last minute or get there any nothing matches? You want to enjoy your honeymoon and relax, not try and find somewhere that sells swim shorts as you forgot to pack them!

So my No 1 tip - Pack well before your wedding! You might have a day in between or a few hours but you will still be coming down from wedding day highs so don't leave your packing until the last minute. Even the week before your mind will be on other things, hair, nails, has the florist confirmed your vintage tea rose colour? Your mind wont be on your holiday packing I can guarantee.

Pack a couple of weeks before and you will be calm and ready to go when you whisk off to the airport.

No 2 - Do you need to take 18 Bikinis???

We all take too much on holiday. Do you ever wear it all?

2 Bikinis is enough

A pair of day flip flops, an evening pair

Your beach wraps could double up as a pashmina/wrap in the evenings.

If you are going somewhere with walking involved, a pair of trainers but if you are only going to a dessert island, you wont need them.

If you do, wear your heaviest / bulkiest shoes on the day of travelling, that leaves room for flip flips and sandals in the case.

Check on your weight limit as this can dictate how much you take. Flights to the Maldives or remote islands have small luggage allowances. Its surprising once a few pairs of shoes, your toiletries, you suntan lotion all go in and suddenly the weight of your case has doubled.

No 3 - Pick a colour theme.

I suggest picking 3 key colours. This make packing and organising your outfits so much easier.

For example if you pick Cream and Brown and Turquoise you can take all your co-coordinating items in these 3 colours. In this selection about there are over 15 outfit combinations. So you can see how little you actually have to take when it all coordinates.

It also makes picking your accessories easier to - think of shoes, necklaces, earrings, scarves. If you stick to the colour theme you can take less accessories as they will match all your outfits.

Its all about creating a mini capsule wardrobe for your two week holiday

No 4 - Wear a scarf several different ways

You could pack a couple of beach wraps, a scarf for chilly evenings, a warmer one, one for your head oh and another few scarves to mix and match! That's adding up to a lot of wraps and scarves just to tie around you waist or neck and just in case you need them.

Think about the different ways you can wear them such as a top, over a vest top, a dress, a skirt. They can create so many different outfits and looks.

No 5 - Put a few outfits in each case. Don't stick to a his and hers case.

21.8 million suitcases are mishandled per year!! The worst thing you want is to turn up, ready to relax on your honeymoon and all your clothes are lost.

On our trip to Cambodia we had to run for a connecting flight, we ran to our plane, sat down and took off. About 10 mins into the flight I realised that there was no way our cases were even off the previous aircraft let alone on the one we were on! Luckily we only had to wait an afternoon, for the next flight and our cases arrived on there. But what if they hadn't arrived???

So at least splitting a few outfits in each case covers you losing one case.

I make sure there is a swimsuit and shorts in each case, a bra, some knickers, a dress and at least a pair of flip flops are in each of the cases. That way, if you arrive on a Maldives Island, with no shops, you can at least wear something day and night.

For more details on scarf tying workshops or creating a capsule wardrobe either for your holiday or your whole wardrobe then speak to Jo at Sparkling Ginger 07834164818 or Email-

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