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What wedding dress do I pick?

So what is my style? Your style is a combination of your likes, dislikes, your personality. All of this creates a picture of you.

This applies to your normal wardrobe but in this blog I am concentrating on Wedding Dress Styles. Later on I will talk about mother of the bride and future posts will be about your normal day to day style, so keep following.

I have picked 5 top styles, you may think of them as themes. Within each style their is a dress to suit everyone whether is be your shape, size or budget.

First up is Romantic

Romantic will have lace, draping fabrics, sweetheart style necklines. From the image you will see full skirts, empire lines and fishtails but they all fall into the Romantic look. You may pick hints of lace sleeves or boleros or full head to toe lace overlayed dress. Your wedding floral style might have peonies, pink vintage roses and foliage trailing, all in soft colours. Script writing on your invites and table plans with everything looking romantic and delicate follows suit. Look at soft complimenting colours that work together such as Rose, Blush, Soft Dove Grey or Lavender

Fairytale Princess

Fairy Tale Princess can look like the Romantic but its bigger, bolder, glitzier. Your skirts will be very full made with either lace, tulle or maybe organza. Fairy Tale dress will probably be neutral colours such as white /ivory but you may go for colour. Crystals, Diamontes or beading in the bodice makes your sparkle as you move. Your bouquets will either be huge or small and very sparkly. Table decorations with be exuberant and lavish. Look for glitzy and sparkly shoes to finish off your look

Next is Elegant /Classic

If you are an Elegant style you will be looking at dress with clean lines, no fuss or glitz just classic shapes and fabrics such as Silk, Heavy Satin or Taffeta. You may pick a sexy elegant off the shoulder fishtail dress or a clean lined boat neck dress but you will almost always be in plain white or Ivory. Very little or no beading or lace. You cake and flowers will follow suit, clean lines, white cake. Your flowers will probably be white or ivory roses with elegant looking pedestal at the wedding and neat square boxes of roses on the diner table. To add some colour you could add a simple ribbon in black or navy to your centrepieces. Keep your brides maids in the same classic look as you.

Next is Bohemian

Bohemian style can vary from Roman / Grecian styles, a nod to 1920's or 40's vintage styles but will have less structure than the other styles, a slightly more relaxed look. But this certainly wont look plain, your may have lave, beading, tulle, all of it! Your flowers maybe colourful and wild looking or lots of greenery and foliage. Ivy arches flatter this style. You cake maybe a naked cake or something different. You hair will echo the slightly more relaxed feel and wont be a tight neat up do. Think of unusual head pieces for this style such as beading, flowers in the hair, floral wrist corsages.

And lastly Quirky / Alternative

In this style anything goes! You might go for colour, vintage, embroidery, game of thrones or polka dots. You style maybe a combination of a few of these and quite eclectic. Your flowers will be colourful, maybe tropical or perhaps not flowers at all and you may go for a bouquet made from vintage brooches or flowers made from maps. You invites will be quirky and could be in the style of a comic or a festival flyer. You cake will never be just a normal white cake but will be colourful, dots or cheese. You might wear your trainers underneath your dress or a pair of animal print shoes. Your master of ceremonies maybe a Storm Trooper or Harry Potter. Your probably getting married at a zoo, in a tee-pee or decorating your local village hall into something amazing.

If you need helping in discovering your style contact Jo Marshall at Sparkling Ginger. I can put together a specific bridal package for you that will cover colours, shapes, styles and we will be looking at your wedding plans but you can also carry this knowledge through into your normal day to day wardrobe so that once the wedding day is over, you are still clear on your style.

If you are local and looking for some free advice - pop along to Ufton Court Wedding Fayre on the 16th May and book in for our 'Ask The Stylist' Session

Jo Marshall - Sparkling Ginger -07834 164818 -

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