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Colour Analysis Session

Have you ever seen someone walk past you and they are just glowing ?

They are probably wearing a colour that is perfect for them.

Victoria booked in for a colour session to find out which colours suited her best.

Victoria is great with colour, as she runs Extremely Lovely Wedding and is a Wedding Stylist. Victoria makes the most beautiful blossom trees for weddings and events alongside amazing ideas to make your wedding venue bespoke.

Victoria wanted to buy a dress for a photoshoot so we found out what colours were best to go for.

This photo shows Victoria's 'Wrong' colours including the wrong colour lipstick. Lipstick is key as it is a key feature on our face that we add colour to.

The following set of colours suited Victorias natural warms colourings But some of these colours were too muted. The next step was to find Victorias WOW colours

I love hearing stories from customers about colours that they used to wear as a child, or wore for a special occasion. Victoria told me how her dad used to make her clothes when she was younger. He made her a tomato red jumpsuit.

Well he was spot on for colours for Victoria. Tomato red looks AMAZING on her. Victoria was a vibrant Autumn bordering onto Spring so we needed to bring some of the bright Spring colours in too. Bright Corals and Deep Periwinkle blues were added to Victoria swatch pack, making it bespoke to her.

Victoria sent me a photo wearing two of her WOW colours and said 'today I went out bright (for me) and had loads of compliments on how well I looked, thankyou Jo '

I prefer to make up my own swatches. They follow the principles of each season but I can adapt them and add to them if someone is just on the border of two seasons. It allows me to add in extra colours making the swatch card personal to my customers.

In a colour analysis session you will be given a swatch of your best colours which is a great tool for shopping & for building a coordinated wardrobe. I show you which lipstick tones are perfect for you and which don't work – and you’ll see how amazing you look when it all comes together.

Discover which colours best work for you, making you look healthier and younger. ​

The next Blog will be talking about Susan. Susan came for a colour re-fresh

Contact Jo Marshall for further information on services Sparkling Ginger offer.

Tel: 07834 164818

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