Sparkling Ginger Colour Analysis persona

Have you ever seen someone walk past you, & they are just glowing?

They are probably wearing a colour that is perfect for them.

I can do the same for you.

Is your wardrobe full of black, you love colour but too afraid to wear it?

Do you feel that wearing colour will make you stand out too much when

you want to blend in?

Do you struggle to put colours together and dream of a

co-ordinated wardrobe?


If you want to make immediate changes to the way you look and feel,

I always recommend starting with colour analysis.

As I am independent I do things to suit YOU, not a process, so I personalise my services to you. 

I personalise your swatches, your colour board and together we create a visual guide to your colours. 









 In this session you will learn:


  • What is colour analysis

  • How I determine your colours

  • Which colours best work for you and what season you are

  • Which colours make you look healthier and younger (and which don’t!) 

  • What colours are your ‘WOW’ colours- these are the best colours in your season, the ones you can wear head to toe and look utterly stunning

  • ​I show you which colours work as great neutrals for you

  • We look at colour combinations and how to put your colours together to create a co-ordinated wardrobe, making it easier to choose what to wear.  

  • I show you alternative options to wearing black and how amazing you look in your seasons colours.

  • We find you perfect lipstick colour

  • We also discuss accessories, jewellery, footwear, bags and makeup.

  • We create a visual colour guide for you.


What  You Get 

  • A personalised swatch book containing all your seasons colours (over 30 colours) - this a great tool for shopping

  • Your ‘WOW’ colours picked out in your swatch book

  • In person: 1-1 session in my studio (3hrs)  or

  • Online  1-1 via zoom (initial personality questionnaire and photos followed by a 1hrs presentation)

  • A personal Visual Colour Guide created in person (online this will be sent to you) 

  • A detailed personalised colour board on Pinterest containing colour and style inspiration - emailed to you

  • Follow up notes to remind you of your perfect colour combinations


In Person Cost: £130

Online Cost: £100 

“Thank you Jo for an amazing colour session! It was really interesting to see how different colours really affected my look and as a result I’ve started to buy smarter with my clothing. Luckily one of my favourite tops happened to be my colours and it wasn’t until Jo pointed this out that I realise why I always got more comments about how good I looked in it."