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Business Awards – Top Tips on What to Wear

Amazing! You’ve been nominated for your first Business Awards. But what do you wear for such an occasion? Here are some Top Tips covering some of the details we forget about when deciding on what to wear to a special occasion like this:

  • Think ahead – When did you last wear your tux? Does it fit? Does it need cleaning? Don’t assume you put it away in perfect condition last time it was worn.

  • If the dress code is ‘Formal Black Tie’, you need to stick to it. Remember to wear your bow tie and tux and not your work suit with the quirky print tie.

  • Consider the length of your dress. Remember that when you collecting you Winner’s Award, the stage will be higher than the tables.

  • If you have gone for a shorter dress, try to keep your shoulders covered or wear cap sleeves.

  • Have you practised walking in your new shoes, ladies and gents? You want to collect your award with your head held high and to be able to walk with confidence, not in agony.

  • Choose a

that suits you. If you are there to represent your business, then everyone in the room is your potential customer. Leave the plunge neckline, strapless, sequins and tassels for New Year!

  • Ensure your perfume / aftershave isn’t too over powering.

  • And finally, don’t be afraid of colour, if the occasion allows it. Think of how many people wear black in the room. A man’s navy suit can look amazing as does a woman’s soft grey silk dress, with a frosty pink pashmina.

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