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Wide Legged Trousers - Lover or Hater?

Are you a wide legged trouser fan or prefer to stick to your skinny jeans?

There are so many options out there at the moment I thought I would go through some of my favourites different looks you can create with a wide legged trousers.

I’m a fan of them, basically because

a) you can’t see my chunky legs like you can in a pair of skinny jeans and

b) I can make my legs look longer in them.

Wearing wide trousers, just hovering off the ground, just skimming the top of your shoes, can elongate your leg, making it appear longer. A winner for me.

You can make wide legged trousers fit into several styles. Maybe you prefer a sporty, casual look? A boho feminine style? A classic, elegant outfit?

Sporty, Casual, Relaxed

This look is easy to create with a pair of wide legged trousers. Worn with a casual t-shirt or stripy Breton top, a pair of pumps or trainers, the look is simple but you can add fun with colour. Adding a colour will add your personality to the outfit. There are also lots out there with a side stripe, giving an extra sports lux feel. These are from Marks and Spencer and they have some great wide legged trousers at the moment. These are vibrant pink but also come in Khaki, Navy and black.


A totally different look can be created with a wide legged trouser. Keeping the wide leg slightly neater, plain colours. You can create a classic look using colours such as black, white, navy, grey, chocolate or tan. Fabrics such as wool or crepe hang well. Pair them with a shirt , smarted blouse or blazer and you have a very elegant look. These are from Boden and are a wool twill so have a bit of weight to hang beautifully. Also try Saint and Sofia.

Boho or Feminine

Again you create other different looks, this time you could go more patterned and boho or feminine, relaxed but more girly than the sporty option. These can both be achieved just by going for a different style top again but also adding more accessories as well. These wide legged trousers maybe in soft fabrics but also lighter weight options too such as jersey, crepes, silk, cheesecloth. If you prefer your skinny jeans, this might feel the hardest look to create as it will feel like you have lots of floaty fabric around your legs. These are from John Lewis Ghost range


Which look do you like? Do you have a favourite?

Are you style a lover or a hater and sticking to your skinny jeans?

I am a combo of the sporty and Boho – relaxed, comfortable but not too floaty.

Other favourite places for wide legged trousers at the moment:


These style choices can also be discovered in my style sessions. We draw out your likes, dislikes, the style you reach for comfort and the style you actually really want to wear. Have a look here:

Jo Marshall - Sparkling Ginger - Personal Stylist / Image Consultant in Hampshire

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