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Tops tips to help flatter and minimise large boobs

Are you always trying to hide you boobs?

Do you always wear black to minimise them and make them look smaller or struggle with tops?

There are so other ways to make them look smaller. We are always told that black is slimming but what if you don’t suit black clothes?

I used to live in grey or black, long shirts that covered me up. I wanted to hide away, not draw attention to myself, to my big boobs and thighs. But in doing so I was always hiding my waist, so making myself look 2 sizes bigger. Now I’m often seen in coral and camel so much brighter and lighter but I wear the clothes to flatter my shape.

Choosing the right neckline, colour, shape of your top, length of your top and necklace can be key to finding clothes that flatter your bust.

So how can you minimize your chest area without wearing a black top. My top tips are below:

Necklines to go for

Necklines can dramatically change how an outfit looks on.

If you have larger boobs certain necklines can really flatter you more than other.

The most flattering neckline for you is one that shows a little bit of skin (I don’t mean you have to flash everything like an octoberfest beer maid). Just opening up you neckline a little will help reduce your bust.

Undoing a couple of buttons on your shirt can help open out the neckline. This might mean you need to wear a vest top or crop bra underneath or add a little popper in between the buttons so it opens at the right point for you.

V-Necks are brilliant you for as are scoops, square necks, sweetheart, wide dropped necks and larger collars on coats.

Draw the attention elsewhere

It’s all about tricking your eye elsewhere. Drawing the eye to another area of the body. If you have amazing legs, wear patterned or colourful trousers or wear striking shoes. This will help you focus on the areas you love and highlight them.

You can also draw the eye down the body with long cardigans and necklaces – see tips below on necklaces.


The main thing with your necklace is to look at where they end. A lot of necklaces sit right in the middle of your bust. It draws attention to that area. Try and find really long necklaces that end below your bust, ending around your belly button or wear your necklaces up near your neck.

Look at the scale of your shorter necklaces. If you have a larger bust, small dainty jewellery can get lost so try wearing 2 or 3 necklaces together.

Try a Minimising Bra

Minimising bras basically round off your boobs and distributes them over a larger space, rather than having them sitting more prominent at the front. They are often smooth fabric and the emphasis is on comfort. T-shirt bras are often also minimising bras. They are great if you find your shirt buttons are gapping.

Just be careful if you are very rounded and have larger top arms or have very narrow shoulder compared to your bust as some minimising bras take your boob right out and almost under your arm and can create a large stripe across your chest rather than shaping. Always remember you still want to see you and your body shape.

Try are few different brands to get the shape right so it fits properly (you can read our blog on bra fittings for more info).

The next step is to take a look through your wardrobe at the things you don’t wear. Is it the neckline or the colour you don’t like?

Does it flatter you bust or make you look like you have a block of boob across your chest?

Does it pull across your check, so could a change of bra help?

Next time you go shopping don’t reach for the black t-shirt – Try a colour with the right neckline or a long necklace to draw the eye down.


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