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Summer Sales Shopping Tips

Summer sales have started in full force and I dont even feel like summer has begun yet! We seem to now have constant sales all year round but when you seen all the summer clothes on sale and you havent even seen a hint of a holiday yet is when you start to panic buy.

This is when you need to remember to buy clothes that you love and that suit you. Sale prices help us forget these things sometimes. Sales are great, I love them but just choose carefully.

Brands such as Boden and Monsoon have brilliant sales but also shop around. They have almost 50% off at the moment and you really can buy some wonderful things. Brands such as Next and M&S online, sell other brands such as these now, so you might find the same dress cheaper on one of there sites rather than the brand directly. You can often find a real gem in the summer sales but still remember some basic rules when you are sale shopping so that you only buy what you actually need or love. I sdelf confess, I sometimes fall into the habit that I have to find a cool summer dress. I panic, I need one ..........but forget to check the wardrobe first to see if last years still fit. Now I'm not against sales shopping as I have bought so absolute brilliant purchases but I have made some big mistakes over the years thinking I had a bargain. Clothes I bought just because they were reduced. If you consider the following 5 steps, it will help you to decide if that item is right for you. 1- Check your existing wardrobe first. Do you have plenty in there but just need to organise it. Have a trying on session of your own wardrobe first. If you need some help, my 'Shop Your Wardrobe' session is perfect for this

2 - Would you pay full price for it? If not, don't buy it. Sometimes we are won over buy the fact that it is a bargain. 2 - Does it fit? How many clothes do you buy that you say 'I will lose a few puonds and get into it'? Buy what fits you now and enjoy wearing it. Don't buy things that you have to save for when it fits. Its so disheartening when we have these items in our wardrobe as then there is constant pressure. So, only buy it if it fits today. 3- Does the colour suit you? Even if you haven't had your colours done, is it a colour you love. If it is, buy it. 4 - Check the washing instructions. I find a lot of trousers and dresse in the sales are dry clean only. If that doesn't fit in with your routine, style or lifestyle, don't buy it. 5- Does it co-ordinate with the rest of your wardrobe? Have a think if you have something to wear it with already. Do you have shoes to go with it. Buy things that you already have all the accessories to wear with it. Can you wear it all year round?

Hear are 4 examples of summer sale dresses that would also all work in autumn winter, if you team them with a denim jacket, a jumper, some boots, a poncho. You will get wear out of them for most of the year and not just a summer dress.

All Boden:

Top Left:Peggy Dress was £90 now £49.50

Top Right: Fit and Flare Mini Shirt Dress was £95 now £47.50

Bottom Left: Crochet Trim Jerey Mid Dress was £98 now £53.90

Bottom Right: Anita Jersey dress was £98 now £49

The above tips apply to shops and online shopping. Online shopping is a little harder to judge but make sure you send back anything that isn't right for you. If you need some assistance with your wardrobe or a particular event, sale or not, then book in for a call. Together we will make sure that everything you buy is perfect for you, your shape, size, budget and style.

Jo x

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