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Is power dressing and power styling really back?

I read a recent Telegraph style article recently and it was tied in as the new series of The Apprentice started last week stating that power dressing in the workplace is back. I’m really surprised. But maybe it’s a backlash from the cosy comfy dressing we have all had for the past 2 years. I was surprised, watching The Apprentice, to see how all the women were dressed. All in bodycon power dresses and nude high heels. All the same dress shape but different bold colours, different necklines. In my opinion, no personality was shown but that was obviously brief.

Their tasks are to run around the city, the guys are in suits, yet the women are running around in the high heels and tight dresses and they can hardly move in them.

I wonder how many of them dress like that outside of the show?

Now if you are a classic dresser, you will love a shift dress in the workplace, you will feel smart and authoritative in a neat dress but the new power dressing is a tight bodycon dress. A far sexier look with high high heels.

Power dressing was developed by women in the 80's. Big shoulder pads, the more high flying you were, the bigger the shoulder pads got and the skirts tighter.

The last few years power dressing has diminished and even in formal work settings, the look has relaxed slightly, then covid hit, it has almost wiped it out. Covid has helped reset the dress code in work wear. Even the most formal environment is slightly relaxing. Offices wear suits were considered standard, now have eased to shirt and trousers. Ofcourse not everywhere has changed, legal and security sectors, uniforms remain formal but as a whole, it has relaxed our workwear. I appreciate that the women on The Apprentice are styled for that look for this series intentionally but they are also in a position to show they are the best entrepreneurs, to show why they deserve investment. Now I'm not saying I expected to see the Apprentice women in their loungewear as obviously they are in a boardroom environment for this show.

But is that how an entrepreneurs dresses?

I smiled when I saw that Holly Tucker (founder of not on the high street and Holly and Co ) called exactly this out.

Her followers responded with great photos of what a entrepreneur can look like.

Not one bodycon dress in sight, all styles, from dungarees to girly dresses, smiles and their creativity

and individuality shone through.

This is why finding your style so important? It’s about showing who you are. You can even go as deep as linking it to your core values but very easily you can style yourself to give a visual clear message on how you want to come across to others or perhaps its more about how you want to feel more than look. A lot of us will have two contradicting styles with workwear and personal life. Perhaps a you have a formal job needing formal classic clothing but in your personal life side you want to show your fun, feminine, colourful side. Perhaps it’s the other way round, at work you are in a polo shirt or a uniform and in your down time you want to look smart, you need a blazer when you go out, to help you feel dressed up

In a style session I help you find your style. It’s not about dressing you like someone else and it’s not about dressing you in the latest trends. It's about helping you feel your best self, using your clothes as an aid. It’s such a confidence boost when you know you have a style, a confident look and we all have one and we are all different. So let your personality shine through.

You can find details of my full style and colour session package here:

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