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What is it? How Do I wear it?

Well it covers anything from PJ’s to anything in a soft fabric. It’s been gradually creeping in the shops, but of course all the shops had a lot of last years stock still to sell, before bringing out their new ranges. But they have finally all caught up and when I say all, its brands that would never have considered loungewear before. Smarter brands such as Mint Velvet, Karen Millen now have a whole loungewear section.

But a lot of it can look like pyjamas. What happens if you want to be comfy, working from home but still slightly smart.

If you have a classic style, being seen on zoom in your loungewear would seem so wrong to you. Loungewear to you would be saved for bed not a conference call.

But there are smarter options out there. There are ways and styles to suit all personalities so you can still be in comfort without compromising your style.

Smart / Classic shapes such as the images below work well if you still like a classic, elegant look. Layer a polo or thin silky layer underneath the grey top and you have an elegant look. This works well over jeans or a satin maxi skirt, so you can wear it for different occasions (when we are allowed out!)

Cross over ballet style tops are smarter than a plain jumper but in soft knits they are cosy but elegant.

Animal print is now a staple print for your wardrobe and this one from M&S can look elegant but if you have a more creative style you can wear it with funky jewellery, a large scarf or headband and it can also give a relaxed fun look.

Scarves are a great way to add interest to a plain soft jumper. If you are working from home but need to dive onto a zoom call with a client or your boss, simply adding a scarf will smarten your casual top or jumper with little effort. Pick one in a soft jersey fabric and you can keep a slight casual look or pair it with a satin neck scarf and you have an instant smarter look.

If you choose head to toe loungewear then this definitely is a casual look but it doesn’t have to be jogging bottoms, wide legged trousers can give a less sporty look.

Don't forget colour. You don't need to stick to soft neutrals, why not go for amazing colours.

From top to Bottom:

Pink Wrap top - Karen Millen

Grey Knit top - Karen Millen

Animal Print Top - M&S

Soft Emerald Infinity Scarf - Sparkling Ginger

Mustard Neck Scarf - Sea Salt

Pink Top and Trousers - River Island

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