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Let's Talk Jeans!

Jeans are big these season. I think jeans are always in, they are a staple wardrobe item but this season they are big!

There are a lot more variations than I am talking about here but I have picked 5 styles I see the most and talk about the 5 different shapes.

Getting the right jean shape for your body shape is key and always should have priority over any fashion shapes but I want to talk about the shapes that are out there at the moment.


Boot cut

Bootcut have been out of ‘fashion’ for a few season yet they are so flattering to so many women, especially if you have curves. They are pretty universal for most body shapes AND they are back! They flatter anyone with curve and give the illusion of curves to a straight body but my clients seem to love or hate them. The skinny has definitely taken over the bootcut.

The trick is to wear these exactly as the name says, over Boots or a wedge, but with a heel. Wear them long, coming right down to the top of the boot, just hovering off the ground. They are at their most flattering worn like this.

If you wear them with trainers or flats just try to wear them as long as possible not swinging around your ankles.

If you are heavier on your bottom half, wear them in a dark indigo. If you are heavier on your top, go for a lighter jean on the bottom.

A lot of bootcut are high waisted at the moment which is great for people that struggle with that gapping back as they come in and up the back further, fitting higher on your waist.

Boden are great for longer legs, Try Next Petite range if you are shorter (picutred abouve are Simplybe Jeans for Next)

The Skinny Flare

Similar to the bootcut but tighter on the knee and flaring gently from there rather than the ankle.

Again great on women with curves but also great to help create curves if you have a very straight body. Wear them long like the bootcut. If you have heavier legs some styles maybe very tight on your knees so bootcut may win over these but shop around as there are some great loser flares almost heading into wider legged fine denim jeans. These are great for making your legs look longer (I may need to buy these in bulk as I do anything to make my legs seem longer!).

There are also a lot of cropped flares about, not culottes – Cropped flared are straight until the bottom and they flare out a little. Be careful of these if you are short legged and they will shorten you even more.

Very similar - Boden (pictured here) are great for longer legs, Try Next Petite range if you are shorter

The Skinny

This has become a staple jean shape now and the most available for a few years now with every shop selling their skinny jean, for every age and shape. Show them off with a tank top over a shirt or use them like leggings, with boots. They can be dressed up with heels or down with trainers.

If you are still frightened of skinny jeans, try them with a longer oversized shirt and ankle boots.

Go for a lighter shade if you have very slim legs or a dark indigo if you have more shapely legs.

Simplybe are great for Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women (pictured Here)

The Mom Jeans

The perfect image of these is Lady Diana in the 80’s in her jeans. Higher in the waist than the boyfriend jeans. Baggy on the leg and bum. Wear them hovering around your ankle. Wear with chunky boots or pumps/trainers and wear with a t-shirt or casual shirt with rolled up sleeves. Tuck in the shirt as these do give your bum a good shape as they show you going in again at your waist but if you are already conscious of a bigger bottom then these will accentuate it more. These are often in lighter shades of denim.

Now I do love these on women and they are higher fashion than the other styles. I see a lot of articles saying that these suit everyone – I’m not too sure and for me…..these are just too 80’s! Mom jeans also look great in colours and not just denim blue.

M&S and New Look have some great versions of theses

The Boyfriend Jeans

The borrowed your boyfriends jeans is exactly that - Boyfriend Jean. Slouchy, relaxed, comfortable fit that often sit lower on the waist or hips and look a little oversized. These are a casual look but wear them with a relaxed fit blazer/ jacket and a simple t-shirt and they look fantastic. There are a few varies styles of these. You can go for a wider turn-up if you have longer legs or down to the ankle if a little shorter. They look great with heels or flats.

Try M&S or White Stuff (pictured here)

There are so many more versions - Culottes, Baggy Flare, Cropped Flare, Cropped Skinny, Straight, 7/8th. Then there's the colour - Indigo, stonewash, acid wash, black....peach!

To find out your perfect jean shape book in for a Body Shape and Style Session. If you have already had this then give me a call to discuss my Season Update Online Shopping Service for £45.

Jo Marshall

07834 164 818

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