Layering Tips

I like to help my clients wear their wardrobes all year round. But how do we wear our summery dresses all year when its 5 degrees outside? This time of year is chilly outside but warm as soon as we walk inside. Layering is the answer.

Here are my top 5 tips to layering:

1 – Layer with a jumper or cardigan over the top of a summer dress. It doesn’t have to be a big baggy jumper, you could wear a short cropped jumper that ends at your waist or go for a classic look cardigan.

Layering Tips Sparkling Ginger

2 - Wear a base layer underneath your summer dresses. This could be a fine knit polo neck, a thin shirt for a formal look or a fine net layer.

Layering Tips Sparkling Ginger

3 – Use accessories such as scarves to your outfits. This doesn’t need to be thick woolly scarfs that you would only wear in a snow storm, but light – mid weight fabrics are perfect for layering and adding colour.

Layering Tips Sparkling Ginger

4- Tights or Leggings worn under summery dresses with boots are another perfect way to adapt your summer dresses and skirts. Ankle boots or knee high with thick tights turn any dress or skirt into an all year round item to wear. Try Snagtights for various colours

Layering Tips Sparkling Ginger

5 – Body warmers/ gilets are another great layer and if you find the right style for your dress, can look fantastic. Try Joules for various colours.

Layering Tips Sparkling Ginger

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