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How to wear white if you are have warm colourings (Springs and Autumns)

If you have had your colours analysed and you are a ‘warm’ what do you do when every summer dress has white in it?

Alot of Springs and Autumns, love to wear white in the summer but in a colour session we say white is wrong for a warm. It can clash with your natural face colourings. It’s often why some people say they can only wear white with a tan.

But there are ways around it.

Wear white on the bottom

Try wearing white on your bottom half and wear

colour on the top half. Wearing the white on your bottom half means you keep it away from your face area.

Try a wide leg palazzo trouser with a bright t-shirt for day then dress them up with heels and a silk top for evening. Or a linen white skirt with a tucked in coloured linen shirt or vest top is a perfect way to wear white on the bottom half.

White shirts

There are crisp white shirts and soft white shirts. If you are warm you want to go for the later. Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen echo this look. To wear a white shirt as a ‘warm’ try wearing it loose and open, or tied at the waist but open at the neck line. You can also then wear a coloured top underneath but just wearing it open will show more of your natural skin colour.

White Dresses

There are a lot of gorgeous white dresses about this summer, loose, tiered dresses. So either go for one that has a coloured pattern within it or team it with coloured accessories such as bags, belts, shoes and necklaces. Again open up the neckline and add a coloured or tan belt. Again pick a ‘soft white’ or ‘off white’ rather than a shiny satin stark silver white.

If you are unsure if white suits you or not, book in for a colour session but in the meantime take a stark white shirt and an ivory top and hold them up to your face and see which suits you best. Sometimes you can tell from your existing wardrobe and what you naturally attract towards

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