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How to wear 'Very Peri' if you a Spring - Colour of the Year 2022

By now you will have probably seen that 'Very Peri' is the colour for 2022. Each year Pantone announces it's 'Colour of the Year' and I have a feeling it could be everywhere. It seems to be a favourite with so many people I speak with. From dresses to homeware. But there are some options out there already, in fact quite a lot when you start to look.

Pantone describe this colour as a "spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression"

So how can you wear this for you, your colourings.

Each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter can wear it, you just have to team it with different colours. In the shops you will find several versions of this colour, some more blue, some paler, some bolder but they will all call it peri blue.

It's a bit like the colour burgundy, you could buy 10 different items, all called burgundy and all different colours.

This week we will look at spring colourings and how to wear 'Very Peri' if you are an spring.

A Spring colour palette is filled with colours such as lemon, peach, coral, aqua, apple, caramel. Springs can be soft and light or bold and bright. Depending on your colouring, you could pair peri blue with a bright vibrant apple colour but other springs would prefer a subtle lemon.

Spring colours look amazing with peri blue. Look for a peri blue that has a hint in purple or violet to it to give it some warmth, like the colour of a bluebell or crocus. As I mentioned, there will be many variations about.

With this dress colour I have made it the focus in the blue but you could swap it around and wear just the bobble hat and maybe a scarf in the blue, then wear it with soft spring colours such as the lemon and caramel. You could add it as a colour in your jewellery, such as a necklace if you would prefer a smaller pop of colour.

If you are not sure how to wear 'very peri' or not sure what seasons colours suit you then book in for a discovery call to discuss my colour analysis sessions.

All clothing in the image is current stock at Marks and Spencers

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