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Holly Willoughby Style and Bodyshape

Holly Willoughby - TV presenter, Mum and recently launched her own brand, Wylde moon.

Some celebrities have such a clear sense of their own style and Holly is one of them.

Holly’s style is a favourite with my clients.

Her feminine fun style. She uses designers such as Suzannah and Chintri & Parker but also regularly combines these with high street brands such as Zara, M&S, Phase Eight.

Holly has a beautiful hourglass figure and always dress to show off her curves and little waist. As an hourglass, you want to show your curves not hide them. No matter what size you are, show the areas that you go in such as you waist. If you wear something that ends on your curvy hips, your eye is drawn to that wider area. If you are a size 18 plus and an hour glass you might not want to tuck in your tops like Holly but you can wear softly shaped clothing, that shapes and skims you waist to show it rather than a bulky blousy top.

Holly's overall look is a feminine, girl next door, fun, youthful, chooses clothes that nod to fashion but always suiting her body shape, ruching, frills, bows, girly romantic florals, interesting collars, polka dots, pretty colours,

Trousers and Jeans - Holly wears a lot more skirt but if she is wearing trousers, they are often skinny trousers or wide culottes, always showing a little bit of ankle, worn with heels and a tucked in feminine blouse. Holly rarely wears low slung trousers and picks trousers that sit up near her waist, perfect for her shape. If you are an hourglass and struggle with trousers, try to always go for high waisted trousers that sit up at your waist. These brown leather look trousers worn here are £59 from Warehouse, the black culottes are M&S.

Holly is a lover of skirts, ranging from long pleated midis to short minis and knee length pencils.

An hourglass figure is perfect for a pencil skirt to show your curves. Again holly wears hers with a pretty top tucked in.

I often find skirts advertised as Midi, are actually a Maxi on me (joys of being short) Ignore the label of wear it’s supposed to sit and find the most flattering length for you. Ideally you want your skirts to end at the narrowest parts of your legs.

This gorgeous pink and grey pleated skirt is from Phase Eight at £89.

Holly’s dresses are always girly in pretty colours from pastels to brights, you don’t often see her in black and white but when you do it always has a fun element such as spots and dots. Always either belted or shaped at the waist, again perfect for an hourglass. She often has sleeves such as puff, flared or angel shapes to add interest.

Heels – Holly is almost always in a pointy heel. How she wore them straight after lockdown I don’t know as I’m sure we all have got very used to our trainers and flats now. Holly often wears nude heels, these help elongate the leg, making them appear longer, especially when she is wearing trousers but she also wears alot of colourful shoes and boots too. Try adding a pair of vibrant red boots to a black and white outfit to add a burst of colour like Holly does.

Brands to help you create Holly’s look




Pretty Little Thing


Oasis online

Office for Shoes

Add your own personality to Holly’s style buy changing clothes shapes to suit your body shape. If a pencil skirt doesn’t work for you, opt for a maxi pleated version. If trousers are more practical for you, take tips from Holly's style and wear them with feminine blouses.

To discover and develop your own style more and find out more about what works your bodyshape, I have a workshop on the 20th November that is perfect for this.

In a full style session, we draw out your style based on your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and budgets. It’s all about you but then we also look outwards for inspiration. This can often be celebrities or a picture cut out of a magazine, an outfit in an advert.

Don’t forget, someone has helped celebrities pick their outfit that you see, their accessories, someone has done their hair and makeup. So they key thing is, to use a celebrity as inspiration and then the change that style to suit you.


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