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Colour of the Year 'Very Peri' - How to wear it as an Autumn

Each year Pantone announces it's 'Colour of the Year' and incase you have missed it, this year, 2022 it is Very Peri.

I have seen it described as purple or blue but its basically a bit of both. But don't worry, there will be so many variations of it and if it's as popular as last years yellow and grey, then you will find it anywhere from clothes and accessories to curtains and cushions.

Pantone describe it as 'a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone, blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red '

You will see is called Blue, Peri, Periwinkle, Purple, Violet. There will be various shades and depths of colour. So how can you wear this for you, your colourings.

Each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter can wear it, you just have to team it with different colours.

This week we will look at autumn colourings and how to wear 'Very Peri' if you are an autumn.

Remember your Autumn colour palette such as chocolate, deep brown, creams, olive - These all work with peri.

Below is an example of wearing very peri as a bold statement dress but you may choose to try it as a scarf, a jumper, a skirt.

Play around with the balance of colour. With this colour palette, your dress colour could be the olive green, teamed with cream sandals, a peri blue wrap, scarf or cardigan, with a chocolate coloured bag

If you are not sure how to wear 'very peri' or not sure what seasons colours suit you then book in for a discovery call to discuss my colour analysis sessions.

Dress: Jigsaw

Coat: Simplybe / Monsoon

Boots: Monsoon

Earrings: White Stuff

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