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Can a colour and style session really give you confidence?

Well I think so....why... Because it worked for me.

Ok so finding out what colours and shapes suit you don’t magically give you instant confidence, so how can it help you?

I start my clients with a colour session to find out what colours suit you the best. Equally as important is to find out which colours make you look unwell and what to avoid.

Wearing the colours that make you skin glow and make your eye colours stand out gives an initial impact. It’s normally when you are wearing a fabulous colour, that people comment - have you had a haircut? Have you done something new with your hair? Your eye colour really stands out today, you look really well. They may not even realise that it’s the colour that you are wearing.

After a colour session I suggest the next step is to look at your shape and style. Everyone has an individual style and I help you find and develop yours.

When we start to look at your style, we don't just start to piece together your style but also your personality, your likes, your dislikes.

Your style is also all about your preferences. You may also prefer a collar, girly feminine prints, sparkly gold boots, natural fabrics, frills, simple shapes, trainers, pointy heels.

Together we look at your body shape. Not how you used to be, who you are now. You discover why some things just don’t work, no matter how hard or how many times you try them. What looks great on your friend or sister, might just not work for you.

Body shapes are like personalities and we are all unique.

I guide you while we piece all this together. It’s like a puzzle, putting all the pieces together.

The outcome… You look in the mirror and see you. You, in the colours you love, the clothes you love, you, in clothes that flatter your shape.

You start to smile when you look in the mirror.

You start to work with your body shape and not to fight against it.

You start to wear the clothes you love, the ones you have always wanted to wear but just never had to confidence.

You start to feel you again.

This is why colour and style sessions help to build your confidence.

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