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Whats your Wedding Dress Style?

Our personality is what drives our normal day to day clothing choices and what makes us each have our own individual style and now you can buy a wedding dress in every possible style as well.

Everyone is drawn to something different depending on their personality, likes and dislikes.

I love how you can now really show your personality through your wedding dress whether it be inspired by elegance, romance, vintage era's or your quirky personality.

This is often then carried through in venue styling, flowers, decor, your cake. Don't ever feel you should dress for someone else and especially on your wedding day.

My next few blogs will cover wedding dress styles. By this i mean whether you are drawn to a Romantic Style, A Vintage Style, Bohemian, Princess, Elegant.

This style is driven by your personality. There will be a shape for everyone within each style. This is a great starting point when looking for a dress and without knowing it you will pick out dresses that all fit a similar style.

As I also love teaching colour analysis, whats fascinating is that different seasons are driven to different styles.

Someone that picks a Elegant, Sleek, Classic look will probably be a Winter or Summer.

A Bright Spring is very likely to go for something quite individual, maybe vintage inspired or bohemian or a colour, they wont go for a simple plain dress.

Working out your body shape is key in my 'shape and style' sessions but then developing your style personality is also key. It creates a picture of your style and helps guide you into buying the correct styles for you.

My top tip: Everyone will give their opinion but wear on your wedding day but wearing what you love is the most important thing!

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