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Sale shopping

January is the main Sale season for all items but we seem to now have constant sales all year round. I'm all for buying clothes as its what I love but remember to buy clothes that you love and that suit you. Sale prices help us forget these things sometimes.

You can sometimes find a real gem but in my experience, the shops have often pulled out everything lurking around in the stock rooms that didn't sell for a reason.

I recently saw a pair of trousers in monsoon. They were £55 -perfect shape and colour but they were awfully made. All the legs were slightly puckered meaning they didn't hang right. I decided they were not worth the money. Last week I saw them all in the sale at £24. I looked at them and realised that they still were not right. Even at £24 I would not have been happy with them. I'm still on the hunt for a perfect pair of rust coloured trousers.

Now I'm not against sales shopping as I have bought so absolute brilliant purchases but I have made some big mistakes over the years thinking I had a bargain. Clothes I bought just because they were reduced.

If you wouldn't pay full price for it then it probably means you don't really love it but you bought it as it was a bargain at £12.

If you consider the following 5 steps, it will help you to decide if that item is right for you.

1- Would you pay full price for it? If not, don't buy it

2 - Does it fit? January is often the time everyone starts a detox or diet but if it doesn't fit you now, don't buy it as it still might not fit in 6 months time.

3- Does the colour suit you? Even if you haven't had your colours done, is it a colour you love. If it is, buy it.

4 - Check the washing instructions. I find a lot of trousers in the sales are dry clean only. If that doesn't fit in with your routine, style or lifestyle, don't buy it.

5- Does it co-ordinate with the rest of your wardrobe? Have a think if you have something to wear it with already. Do you have shoes to go with it. Is its a halterneck but you haven't got the right bra?

The above tips apply to shops and online shopping. Online shopping is a little harder to judge but make sure you send back anything that isn't right for you.

If you need some assistance with shopping book in for a 2hr shopping trip. I will make sure that everything you buy is perfect for you, your shape, size and style.

Jo x

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