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Why Sparkling Ginger?

Its a New Year so I thought I would go back to the beginning - why did I start Sparkling Ginger?

My Why: To empower others to discover their real confident self.

So what does this mean for you?

I started my love for colour and fabrics whilst at school. I went onto a degree in Fashion and Textiles but I always knew I didn't enjoy the hustle bustle fashion side. Everything was designed for models not real women. I was a size 16 fashion student that didn't quite fit in.

I went onto specialise in Print design and loved it. Working with colours and design I was in my element.

A few years later and I had a colours session. I loved it, it made total sense, why had I not done this before but I was totally intimidated by the stylist. She was immaculate, stunning, she didn't get my insecurities. I didn't come away empowered, I came away a little more insecure but wasn't sure why.

Forward a few more years and I had set up Sparkling Ginger. My Aim = to make every one of my clients walk out from their colour or style session feeling amazing and understanding that their shape is dictated by their frame. Yes we can all lose or gain weight but if you are a Pear, you will always be a Pear, you wont change to an hourglass.

Learning what colours suit you makes my clients smile and gives immediate effect and changes in my clients.

I have a plus size figure, I have my insecurities (and boy! they used to be worse) but my work made me realise that so does everyone else. No matter what shape or size my clients are, every one has an issue with part of their body. Bust too big, bust too small, wobbly thighs, long legs, short legs, too many curves, not enough curves......

I can help change those insecurities to confidence.

Confidence is about you feeling confident in what you wear, how you look, confident about your body and your style.

A quote from a recent client was ''thank you so much for helping build my confidence in trying colours I probably wouldn't have done before.''

That's why I do what I do.

Jo x

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