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Teenage Workshops

So this is something I feel is so important - learning about Colour, Shape and Style when we are younger. More so Shape. I feel we live our childhood lives trying to be a sheep. By that I mean that we try to fit in, be the same as our friends, be the same as everyone else and don't stand out too much because that means your a target.

If your different it gives people a reason to single you out, bully you. Believe me, as a 'chunky sturdy, well built teenager' all I wanted to do was to fit in with everyone else.

But then we go to college, we want to be ourselves, we want our own identity but we don't know where to start.

My Teenager Workshops are to help start this process. To help learn that we are not all the same, we wont all have the same body shapes and learn why that's normal!

It will help Teenagers start to think about developing their own style.


Whats involved:

-You will learn your body shape

-You will learn body shape guidelines

-You will learn about the high street size differences

-You will create a personal style board to take away and inspire

Carried out at your home

Groups of Min 3 and Max 6

£20 per Teenager

2-3hrs depending on size of the group

Perfect for a Saturday morning or School Holiday

Contact me to book:

or call: 07834 164818

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