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What are the benefits of having a stylist help clear your wardrobe?

We can all clear out our wardrobes. We go through a few items that don't fit and throw them out.

But what benefit is there to hiring a personal stylist to help?

Well we look at the whole picture. We look at your whole wardrobe not just an individual item.

Its important to do it this way as it shows the gaps, the items that are needed to pull your wardrobe together.

So many of my customers have an item of clothing that they love but just nothing to wear it with. So they don't wear it.....but love it. It fits, looks great but never have to right shoes or skirt.

This is wear a stylist helps. Spotting those items and finding ways to wear them.

My customer on Friday had some gorgeous bohemium trousers. They suit her so well. They suit her shape, style and personality. But she only wears them with casual t-shirt tops.

We paired them with her beautiful silk floaty tops. She had never considered wearing them together. They looked fantastic!

We added several new outfits to her wardrobe. We looked and the jewellery that would flatter the outfits the most and what shoes were required.

Yes we also cleared out a large black sack full of clothing that didn't suit or fit her but most importantly we grew her existing wardrobe by putting together new outfits.

The shopping list of new items required is quite minimal: A plain navy skirt, some navy low wedges, a purple jumper, some long line necklaces but she has a fantastic wardrobe and knows that everytime she opens her wardrobe, she can reach for an outfits and confidently knows if fits and suits her.

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