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How Does Meghan Markle dress so well for her body shape

Recently I contributed to an article for Fabulous Magazine on how Meghan Markle uses the Golden Ratio and dresses perfectly for her body shape.

So what is the golden ratio?

Well its an optical illusion that is pleasing to the eye. The perfect flower display followers the same rules – 1/3 flower vs 2/3 vase or vice versa. The same applies in the perfect outfit.

Its all about keeping the ration of 1/3 vs 2/3. I have some examples below.

These also show how Meghan dresses so perfectly for her Inverted Triangle body shape.

Being an inverted Triangle, Megan has cleverly distracted the eye away from her slightly broader shoulders. Using the full trousers with fabric detailing around the waist and leg area, she has balanced out her shoulders and hips and has created the perfect hourglass silhouette. Megan has used the 1/3 vs 2/3 principle also with a high waist tied trouser and taking the trouser hem line right down to the floor. The neckline is high on her top and sheer with the trousers being heavier all help with the Golden Ratio. The sheer panels on Megan’s top also draw the eye into her neckline, creating the look of narrower shoulders

Here Megan has used the ‘Optical Illusion Dress to show off and create the look of an hourglass figure even though she is an Inverted Triangle. The clever black and green angled combination gives Megan a high neat waist, narrows her shoulders and creates width over her hips, balancing out her inverted triangle body shape. The waist is high and the length of the dress again uses the 1/3 vs 2/3 principle. The eye is then drawn down to Megan’s amazing shoes. Megan always holds her box clutch bag at her hips, again helping to balance her inverted triangle shape.

This images shows Megan stunning angled body line. The Asymmetrical neckline works with Megans straight shoulders and angular facial features. Her use of the beautiful box shape bags and pointed shoes follow that same angular rules. Again hear Megan has used a belt to take her waist in high and the dress length down below her knee to show how perfect that Golden Ratio can work. Her use of an ankle strap on the shoes ensures the balance is kept perfect. This could shorten and widen an ankle but Megan has delicate ankles that look amazing with that double tied strap.

The perfect example of how to dress as an inverted triangle. The simple classic crisp white shirt with a patterned skirt, the pattern has interesting horizontal lines across her hips to balance her shoulders. The waist is high again and the skirt ending on the knee, to keep the Golden ratio. This ratio also lengthens Megan’s body so that she appears taller. Again she has used ankle straps to keep the balance for an inverted triangle. The ankle straps draw the eye to that point and distract from wider shoulders.

If you would like to read the full article in Fabulous Magazine please take a look here.

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