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Colour and Personalities

When analysing a customer’s colours I work on the Season method: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

90% of the time, we are naturally drawn and love the colours within our own natural colouring in our hair, eyes and skin tone. We initially look at clothing but this is often carried through to a person home and their personality. Different seasons also have some fascinating key characteristics.


A Spring personality often loves light in their home, big windows and French doors. My sister often comments that I am obsessed by light, and having natural light coming in. Springs love flowers in their lives adding colour to the room, cut flowers and plenty of house plants, cushions, throws all adding colour. Lighter furniture with bursts of colour. Spring characters are warm, friendly, smiley. Their personality is often well suited to careers in Media, Marketing, Tourism, Creative, Teaching. They are great at being the ‘front of house’. Spring colours can be soft or bright, warm, fresh and colourful.


A Summer Personality often loves their home to be calm, elegant, spacious, delicate flowers and period features brought out in soft colours. Quality furniture will be chosen with a great attention to detail. This leads onto jobs that love attention to detail – HR and PR, Doctors, Scientists. Summers are also great with words. Natural peacemakers. Great diplomatic and negotiating skills. Summer colours are soft, harmonious, never heavy and overpowering and reflect gentle personalities.


An Autumn personality loves a slightly more rustic and rural environment; they are happy living in the countryside amongst natural elements, trees, woods and leaves. In their homes they like textures such as linens, cottons, tweeds, raw materials, brick, and stone: never too glitzy. Autumns make great journalists, researchers, vets, environmentalists. They love investigating and finding out information. Autumn colours are warm, natural, rich and often have very down to earth personalities.


And finally Winter. A Winter personality loves jewel like colours and carry this through to their homes. Winters love solid colour, stripes, geometrics, leather, glass, shiny, clean lined surfaces. High gloss kitchens adding splashes and sparks of bright colours. Again, very much like their personality, Winters are punctual, great in the world of Finance, Numbers, Politics, Architects. Winters are amazing leaders and logical thinkers. Precision is key. Winters love the vibrant colours of Ruby’s, Emeralds, Diamonds and Sapphires.

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