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Festivals for the Fuller Figure

Well you cant avoid noticing that its festival season upon us. There are festivals popping up everywhere from local village ones to the likes of Reading and Wireless. As a fuller figured lady I cant wear the typical little denim shorts, vest top, with my arms out and wellies, so I’ve put together a few things and tips that are great to wear if you don’t want to strip down to bare legs.

So what should I wear? What will that weather be like? Can I carry it all? All things that unless your 18, we all now think about.

Some great general tips are:

1) Always consider your wellies or boots. Canvas pumps may seem a great idea when you leave the house but when the rain decides to fall and the mud appears, boots and wellies are the only option. Also dare I say it, there’s a lot of water around the toilets and you would rather have dry feet in you boots than wet canvas pumps.

2) Always take something waterproof. That rain can come over quickly. Your waterproof also can double up as something to sit on. Its its rained that week the ground maybe wet and there’s no where to sit at these things other than the floor.

3) Always take something warmer for the evening like a cardigan or another layer. No matter how warm it is in the day, the evening seem cold. You are often there all day and evening.

4) A lot of the shows show lovely floaty maxi dress for festivals which are great but just be prepared for it raining and them getting wet and dragging in the mud.

5) There’s a great fringing trend around at the moment but you may not like it next year. Instead of buying something new, why not go to your local haberdashery and buy some fringing and hand stitch it on. It costs about £1 per metre, much less than buying a new top.

6) A general one here. Take those small packets of tissues with you. You end up needing them throughout the day for food, toilets, spilling drinks down you when dancing.

Now for some great garment ideas if you cant wear a little vest top and shorts like me. Yours, Taking Shape, Simply be do great plus size ranges of all these styles.

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