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How do I dress for my body shape?

How do I know what body shape I am? 

Sparkling Ginger Studio Basingstoke Hampshire

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Jo at Sparkling ginger made me feel comfortable from the start for my colour, shape and style session; she explained my contradictions of attraction to bold colours, when I prefer not to stand out and the shape and style element helped me to see that a simple tweak to how to wear something can make it suit you better - would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone, even the most image savvy could pick up some good tips.

I help you rediscover your real confident self again.


I help you learn to love your body shape, find your style and have a fun wardrobe again that makes you smile! 

The clothing you wear sends a message about your personality, it is a way to show others who you are and what you are all about. Yet so often we hide away behind black clothing, scared to wear colour, scared to show off our figures and body shape. I know I used to. Often we don't know what body shape we are. Sparkling Ginger was created to give you confidence to develop your style, to wear to colours that you love and that suit you and reflect your own unique individuality no matter what shape of size you are. We help bring out your inner shine, confidence, your true colours & helps you leave a little bit of your own sparkle, wherever you go.

Jo Marshall at Sparkling Ginger Personal Styist Basingstoke

For all inquires please get in touch with Jo Marshall

Basingstoke, Hampshire

07834 164 818


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