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Warm or Cool - Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis helps you discover your WOW colours. You discover what colours look amazing on you. When they are right, you can look younger, clearer skin, healthier before you have even put any makeup on.

I work out if you are warm or cool skin toned - what's that???

If you are warm skin tones, your skin has yellow undertones to it. If you are cool toned, you have more blue undertones.

Eye colour is another key element I look at. You eyes contain so many colours. Look at your eye colour close up - Has it got flecks of colour such as white, gold, teal, icy blue, yellow, green, brown?

Wearing the right colours applies to your make up too. Wearing the right lipstick can make your lips look full, wearing the wrong colour often makes them look thinner.

So which one of these photos do you think suits me best - The left cool colours or the right warm colours?

You can find out more about colour analysis sessions by booking in for a complimentary call and we can discuss any questions you have.

Jo x

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