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Lets Talk Trends

So it’s nearly time that we can shop in person again. Will you be visiting the shops? I sure am missing browsing that’s for sure but what I am really missing is dressing like me again. I was quite casual before but I am way beyond that now.

I mean, what even is a heel on a shoe!

I always tell my clients to go for shape and style over fashion but most importantly our personality needs to shine through but trends are what dictate what’s in the shops. What happens when nothing is available. Having a co-ordinating wardrobe that works every year helps with this and then you only have to add the pieces each year that make you smile. I have put together some of what will be available when we hit the shops but also consider that this might not be immediate as the shops have sat still, no new stock, all the winter stock will still be there for a few weeks still.

Trends are decided months ahead and this seasons trends and colours would have been decided about a year ago, and what a different story it was then.

Some of you will be drawn towards certain trends automatically if it’s the style you love. (that’s what I draw out of you in a style session) Other trends will be way off for you.


Won’t be just in jeans. Think Jumpsuits, shirts, blouses, safari style jackets, not just the traditional boxy denim jacket. Denim is now much more comfortable that a stiff pair of jeans.

Check out my blog on Jean style for Jean shapes. There will also be lots of nods to the 70’s and 90’s with denim with some wider legged, looser, relaxed styles with that soft feel of vintage worn denim.

Smarten it with a shirt and tank top or a loose jacket or casual and feminine with a longer sheer waistcoat over a t-shirt

Big Playful Fun Dresses

So as a total contradiction to the past years outfits – Over the top dresses will be about but I am thinking not many but I think hope of looking ahead lead Net-a-Porter to invest in over 3000 flamboyant dress style for this summer. These might consist of Puffed Sleeves, Feminine, Ruffles, Lots of Sheer fabrics, Romantic, Tulle, Embellishments, bold bright colours, Full skirts of the 50’s with shoe string straps on the 90’s.

The Black Dress

Yes Black… in the summer. The black dress will be quite simple, slinky, evening slips, spaghetti string straps, cut out sections, probably longer below the know. For me again a little 90’s

Be careful of spaghetti straps if you are wider or heavier on your top half. If you have larger boobs, you will struggle with this look. Also pear shape may struggle as these dresses will be quite skimpy and straight and unforgiving on the hips


Pinks is the colour of Romance, Hope and Affection but when we move into the bold electric pinks it takes on a combination of the meanings of Red – Passion and Energy especially with fuchsia, bubblegum, hot pink, electric pink.

If you are frightened by these bold colours try wearing a hint of them in your accessories such as your shoes, handbags, scarves. For those of you that love it, try head to toes in a Pink Suit or a Beautiful Blouse. For this look, pair back the accessories and keep the focus on the bold colour.

Simple Layers

This will be similar to the loungewear easy looks but with a hint of other fabrics.

Think clean lines, soft muted colours. 90’s minimal looks. Soft draping knitwear worn with a soft simple leather trouser. Moving slightly away from total loungewear.

Tunics over trousers, Soft slouchy tailoring, even a simple shirt over black trousers – Basically the opposite of the Playful OTT dress. This style will attract anyone wanting to create a simple, elegant, polished, classic look.

Playful, Happy Colourful Prints

Think Rainbows, Stripes, Large florals, Ties Dye (I hate tie dye! I don’t care how fashionable it is, you won’t every catch me in tie dye after being haunted by a photo of me in it from when I was younger!!!) This won’t be for everyone and you don’t have to wear a rainbow pair of trousers but a colourful stripe jumper over jeans can look playful, fun and will make you smile.

Luxe Leather / Pleather

Basically I couldn’t draw leather so I missed it off my picture but this is everywhere and not just in black but gorgeous warm toffee and mocha colours as well as soft cool sage colours. It’s lightweight not heavy like a traditional leather jacket.

You will see it in trousers, skirts, jumpsuits, dresses, safari style jackets, blazers and shirts.

Go for a leather in your colours. It doesn’t have to cost the earth - M&S have some stunning pieces in soft leather at the moment at around £45 for a skirt.

Other themes I haven’t covered that will also be around:


House Slippers


Open Backs

Puff Sleeves

Big Necklaces

Sheer Fabrics

To find out what style suits your personality book in for a discovery call with me.

07834 164 818

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