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How do I stay warm and cool! - Layering tips for hot flushes

Its that time of year that snuggly layers are needed. We keep clinging onto the summer outfits but we definitely need another layer this week. But then you go inside and need to strip off instantly.

Layering is a good way to keep warm but not feel too bulky. I find there's nothing worse than being somewhere hot and all you have on is a high neck jumper. Then you have the hot flushes that come on randomly.

As well as being national breast cancer month, It's also national menopause month (talk about hitting us with everything in one month!) and this is effecting so many of my clients but also effect women that think they have moved on from that if they are on tablets for breast cancer treatment. The melting comes on instantly.

Now have always had my own extra padding layers built in (so I call it) so I am a life expert at trying to keep cool. Always the child with no coat on, even in the snow and I've carried a fan in my bag for years.

Tips to stay cool and warm in Autumn!

1 - Try fine layers such as a vest top under a summery top and fine knit jersey cardigans on top. Cardigans are you friend as they are easily taken off.

2 - Ponchos are also a good way to layer if you find you need to take layers on and off quickly and far better than a bulky restricted jumper.

3 - Still make use of your summer dresses but add a fine a base layer, nothing thermal, perhaps a fine long sleeve top underneath is all you need.

4 - Natural fabrics, such as cotton mixes, linen, silk, cashmere (yes I know its expensive), viscose, will also always be better but really the key thing is to try to avoid the polyesters sitting directly against your skin, if you are prone to hot flushes.

5 - Scarves - Now you might think these are too hot to wear. But they are so easily to remove. Make sure they are fine cottons or silks. Cotton is super good to soak up sweat and draw it away from your neck. They also can really help to hide if you have gone red and hot.

You can also get the cooling scarves (from good old amazon) You manipulate them, put them round your neck and they give instant coldness.

6 - Essential Oils - Try Peppermint oil. I put it on my neck, wrists and pulse points. It gives an instant cooling feeling. I use Doterra Peppermint Oil.

Ponchos and cotton scarves pictured above, available from the Sparkling Ginger Shop in various colours

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