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Dying You Clothes

You don’t have to be amazing at sewing to upcycle things in your wardrobe.

Sometimes just making little tweaks to a jacket or top can instantly lift it.

I wanted to talk about dying clothes here today as a lot of people are scared to do this but believe me it’s so easy now that you can buy machine dyes from Dylon. Pop it in and go. It’s that easy.

If you don’t want to risk putting anything in your washing machine then you can also buy a hand dye but you will need a large bucket for this.

You can transform clothing as long as they are natural fibres. Denim, Cotton, Linen, Visocse, Canvas or Silk.

Jeans are perfect for this process.

Have you spilt bleach on your favourite blue jeans?

Spilt red wine on your cream jeans?

Or your perfect fitting black jeans look more grey than black?

If you have faded, bleach stained or light coloured Jeans, you can dye these another colour. If they just need refreshing, pick a denim coloured dye such as black, indigo, or Navy and it will revamp them.

For light coloured cream or white jeans, you can pick any colour you want. Go Yellow, Violet or Teal!

Synthetic fabrics won’t dye. If your garment is 80% Cotton, 20% Lycra, then the natural fibres will dye, the Lycra wont. The result is you will have a slighter lighter colour than desired.

Synthetic fabrics that won’t dye include: Polyester, Lycra, Nylon, Spandex.

If you really get experimental you could try dip dying white linen shirts or dying you now off white canvas pump or converse.

Tip: If you are using the machine dye, give your washing machine a cycle afterwards with nothing in it, just to make sure there is no residue of dye left in the machine.

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