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Bags or Shoes? Which one do you go for?

This week I am trying the wear my wardrobe more. I know everything in there suits me and is the right colours but for the past year we have all been at home wearing comfort clothes.

Statistics show that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Well the last 18 months I think could even change that to 10% even.

So I have been trying to remind myself of what's in the wardrobe. Today I looked at my shoes. I have a love of shoes. I'm a wide size 8 and struggled at school to have girly patent black shiny shoes at the age of 7 so I think its a matter of 'if it fits, I buy it' now.

When we moved house, no one believed the GIANT box was filled with my shoes. Little did they know that there were 3 more boxes of them!

I go for patterned, colours, sparkles, but have a real love for animal print. Irregular choice shoes used to make my heart sing. Quirky red and blue shoes with a ladybird one them. The pair of Melissa shoes with a giant ice cream cone up the back have only come out once! Sometimes I wonder if I even just collect shoes. Just having them to look at makes me happy.

I also have developed a love for trainers. I think as the feet have got older and puffier, comfort has won, I have been gradually getting more and more casual over the past 3 or 4 years but ofcourse they are still colourful and patterned for me.

Sometimes I wonder if I even just collect shoes. Just having them to look at makes me happy. I am great at helping others have streamline wardrobes but when it comes to my own shoes, I like a selection.

But when it comes to bags, they just don't do it for me. I think the one I am using now was a present. An £80 pair of shoes could go straight in the bag but a £20 bag, I will ummmm and ahhhh about. Bags to me, always seem either a rucksack or too formal formal.

A nice brown soft slouchy bad could win but never a square formal handbag.

And that's where our style personality shine through. We all have little things we will always buy over the other things. Perhaps earrings, scarves, bags or shoes.

Those little things make an outfit but are also linked to your personality. Its why one person will always pick a brown small crossover bag and others will go for a Gucci classic black square bag.

Bags can also be a comfort item. It gives people something to hold onto. Often we don't feel lost without our keys or phone, its the bag to hold onto.

So which one do you go for? Shoes or Bags? Do you have a particular shape bag you always buy or a certain make or colour of shoe? Do you always buy a grey bag or Navy shoes?

Do you have a special collection of bags?

Can you guess what shoes pattern I go for from the photo!

This week is showing me that even my own wardrobe needs some culling. If you have things in your wardrobe, such as shoes and bags, that just are not you any more, consider some of the following:

- See if your friends / family love them - My first call is my mum or sister. We are all around a 7/8.

- For new / barely worn items - Consider selling them on Ebay, Vinted or Dress Agency such as Frankie and Ruby in Newbury. We all have those barely or never worn shoes or bags (yes even I have some with the labels still on)

- Take anything unwanted to the local charity shops.

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Your Scream To Dream Workbook has helped me out in this situation on more than one occasion! And yes definitely 10% :) LOL xxx

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