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Festival Time

Its festival time of year. This bank holiday is full of festivals such as Feastival, Victorious, Reading as well as all the local ones happening.

I am having festival withdrawal symptoms this year but after attending a few in the past, here are my top 3 tips for festival outfits.

1 - There are no rules! You were wear what ever you like. That maybe sequins, sparkles, florals, denim, crochet, superwomen or a morph suit!

So my first tip is 'wear what you love'. If you have something that you love the wear but never have the occasion, such as a sequin shrug and flowers in your- wear it. You will never look over the top at a festival. Just remember it will get chilly in the evening so take something for the evening no matter how hot it is in the day.

2 - Think about your footwear. Depending on your festival of choice and the weather.

Remember you will be in those shoes from 11am -11pm, walking miles from tent to tent. Even if it is dry weather, in my experience the toilet floors are always wet from over running taps!

Don't wear shoes you've just bought and worn for the first time.

3 - Don't wear a jumpsuit! I love a jumpsuit but think back to when you have to get yourself in and out of it.... then times that by hours at the festival, in a porta-loo with no lights at night, trying to not drop it on the floor. Wear things that are easier to go to the loo in - ok so maybe think more on that Morph outfit I mentioned in tip 1!

Most of all enjoy yourself. Enjoy the music, food and company.

Jo Marshall

07834 164 818


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