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Isn't it only celebrities that go to Stylists?

Well in short No.

Personal stylists mainly work with 'normal' women and men. People just like me and you.

I work with your budget and can guide you from there but what I do is so much more than sorting wardrobes, going shopping - which are all nice things to do.

What I really do is to help build my clients self esteem, so that they feel confident at a networking event, a special occasion, giving a talk or being on stage or simply on the school run or at work.

I don't want anyone to sit on the side of the bed, crying, as they cant bare the thought of going out because of what they look like.

Or not giving that talk, to boost their business because you think everyone is going to stare at your thighs!

What I do is make you FEEL good in your clothes, so that you FEEL good about yourself.

Once we tackle this you will wear your clothes more confidently, wear colour more confidently because to a 100% confident that it suits you.

So hiring a stylist is for everyone, whether your a stay at home mum, a thriving business person or someone just wants to feel a little more confident.

Jo x

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