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Sparkling Ginger Wardrobe and Personal S
Wardrobe Organization and Personal Shopping

Clear out the clutter!
I have nothing to wear!

Wardrobe Organisation and DeCluttering

Do you open the wardrobe & utter the immortal words “I have nothing to wear!”

We all have those items handing in the wardrobe that still have the tag on because you hold them up and for some reason don't wear them. What about those tops that don't seem to go with anything else in the wardrobe.

We will help you to de-clutter your wardrobe, find new outfits from your existing clothes, & identify a shopping list of what’s missing.


Discover how to organize your collection of clothes into coordinated interchangeable outfits, & re-discover all the buried treasure lurking in the back!


We’ll hold your hand while you throw out those things you’ve been hanging onto & forgotten why, & we can even help you sell your unwanted clothes, so you can earn cash from your clear out

Time: Min 2hrs required

Cost: £50 per hour

Personal Shopping 

Not everyone enjoys shopping. It becomes a necessity for some people .Turn a dreaded shopping trip into a positive experience with our help!

On a shopping trip with me we'll start with a chat over a coffee, and find out exactly what your requirements are.


With our list, I'll take you to the shops and help you find what you're looking for, as well as perhaps picking out a few things you might not have thought to try on.


Why not book an eco-shop? We do all the same things, but in charity shops & recycling centres!  £50ph.

Wardrobe sessions and Personal shopping are perfect session to run on their own but have even more of an impact if we know your Colours and Body Shape first as we can really shop for those perfect outfits just for you. 

For further information on any of the services please contact Jo Marshall     Tel: 07834164818

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