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Freelance Stylist for Photo Shoots, Professional Photographer Branding  / Styling & Colour Packages

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Personal Stylist Sparkling Ginger Ginny
Sparkling Ginger Image Consultant Ginny

Once you know exactly what to wear and are proudly showing who you really are, and feeling fabulous with it! It's time to celebrate this moment for yourself and share it with your friends and family. There is no better way than to invest in yourself by being photographed by a professional who will capture you as you've never been seen before just like 3 of these amazing women above!


I have worked with Ginny Marsh Photography for several years now (If you've been to my studio you will have seen some of her images on the wall)  and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Ginny specialises in making women feel comfortable and at ease, and will give you a transformational, confidence boosting photoshoot to celebrate your new look!


Have a look at Ginny's website so you can see her work. Whether you want a personal portrait shoot, a personal branding shoot for your business or a fantastic boudoir shoot - Ginny can help you. Celebrate yourself! Or go and celebrate with your friends and family!

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